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I want to publish my first ever book. Its fantasy/horror, but I don t even know how to begin with that process. Help would be greatly great!?

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    Before you even think of publishing I would advise you to learn about the business. Don't even start looking for an agent until you really know what you're doing and have you novel to a high standard.

    You sound quite young so you have plenty of time.

    I would get yourself over to a writing forum like absolutewrite or critiques circle and look for beta readers.

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    You're ON LINE, what's stopping you from doing a basic google search on 'submitting a book to a fantasy horror publisher'?

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    I assume that you have your book, edited, proofed and in a publishable state.

    If so then buy a copy of 'Writers Markets' or 'Writers and Artists Yearbook' and look at the list of agents - tick the ones who say they handle fantasy, and are accepting queries (that will cut down the list considerably)

    Then check each agency's website to see that they are still accepting queries.

    Look at their submissions page and send off your query in the exact format they ask for - most want electronic submissions, but the odd one will want paper. Some ask for a query letter with your first 3 chapters, or your first 10 pages, or your first so many words.

    Write your query letter, making sure it is the best one you can write (ther are websites which can help here) and send your submission, having followed their instructions to the letter.

    Then see what happens.

    Avoid any agent who wants money - a reading fee, an offer of editing...

    Similarly with publishers. The principle is that they pay you. Never the other way round.

    And by the way - don't use expressions like 'greatly great' when contacting agents.

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      BUT!!!! I do appreciate all the advice from every single account on this question and for the fact that I now have an idea on to start the process.

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    If your question is an indication of your writing skills, I think you should start by reading the entire book very carefully and checking for bad spelling, punctuation and poor English - or find a good proof-reader to check it for you.

    * It's

    * , but

    * don't

    * begin with that

    * 'greatly great'???

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    Begin with making the characters, and setting the time and place of the story. Have a “planning page” with all the main characters on it. You can even have separate pages for every character. Include random facts about them, and if you can, draw a sketch of what you want them to look like.

    Then work on the setting. Make sure you take into account any events that have happened in the past if that’s where you’re going to set it.

    Once you have all the basics down, try thinking of a plot and jot down the overall idea of what you want it to be. You can then think of a beginning to the story.

    After the planning, you can start writing, and make sure you are consistent with the writing style and if you start off in first person, do not change to second or third unless there’s a reason for it.

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      I think the questioner has written the book and wants to know how to publish it.

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    Be sure to send a copy to the Library of Congress and get a number so nobody can steal the story from you.

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      I don't think you register a book with the Library of Congress until it's published either.

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