What Starbucks drink is this? Help translate what is written, thank you.?

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    Nothing there means it's not decaf but caffeinated.


    Nothing there means it has the appropriate number of shots of espresso for it's size, so 1 shot, 2 shots, or 3 shots, depending on which of the three sizes--no extra shots, no reduced shots.


    3 WM means the customer has asked for three pumps of White Chocolate Mocha Syrup.

    3 TNN means the customer has asked for three pumps of Toffee Nut Syrup.


    B means "breve," so that's half-and-half, meaning the customer asked for half-and-half instead of milk, so 6oz., 7oz., or 9oz. is added instead of milk, depending on the size.


    Nothing there means there is none of the special customizations that Starbucks offers were requested for the drink.


    IC means it's "ice coffee."

    First, the syrup is added to the cup.

    Second, the espresso is added.

    Third, the half-and-half is added.

    Fourth, ice is added to bring the cup to full.

    Fifth, whipped cream is added to the top.

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    looks like a coffee drink to me

  • 1 year ago

    Thank you so much!

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