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will renewable energy be able to continue to supply energy for humans in the future?

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    "renewable energy" is the meaning of source fuel being there in the future.

    Take note, that WOOD is a renewable energy, but it takes 20 years for the forest to renew, and then only if new sprouts are planted.

    Rivers are a renewable resource, but not if the water is Used for irrigation before it reaches the user.

    Solar Energy is renewable but only if it does not rain (clouds).

    Wind is a renewable energy but only if it is not blocked by forests or buildings.

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    5 months ago

    Renewable energy is really based on recycling since recycling is one of the best things that can be done for the environment and it in itself makes mountains of garbage that can be used as fuel to supply energy.

    It has to do with social theory I really don't know anything about but those theories have been studied for years and consensus is is if we as a group of millions break garbage into portions the garbage can supply many things and one of those is energy.

    Obvious with things like paper and old oil (I mean really haven't you folks heard of energy efficient oil burners? Change you oil every thousand or coplue and you got lots of fuel for a little thing like electric) but less with plastics obviously.

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    That depends on how many humans and what level of austerity you are comfortable with.

    If you mean about a tenth of the current population, and a low consumption lifestyle, then yes sure renewables should be ok.

    But the current population and it's addiction to consumption, no way. It takes a river of fossil fuel flowing out of the Earth 24/7/365 just to maintain the current population and it's practices. The lower EROEI of renewables will simply not allow this to continue.

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      No it's not that consumption. It's the well drillers desire for money honey. People only use and buy the junk because it's there. YOR piggish desire for money is what builds the trash. Stop the drilling... recycle!

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    That is the concept. The term "renewable" connotes that we can use a source of such energy over and over without depleting that source (in any near future time).

    Sun, tides, and wind sources are prime examples of renewable energy sources. We will have the Sun, oceans, and winds over eons, which is to say forever for all practical purposes. So the energies they can and do provide are renewable.

    Nuclear energy by fission is also considered renewable by some. And I suppose it is as there seems to be a lot of pitchblende and other uranium ores on planet Earth to exploit. So I suspect planet Earth could run a long long time on nuclear fission energy.

    But it's such a dirty energy source as the spent nuclear material remains toxic for literally centuries. It's so bad that it has to be buried in remote areas of the planet and one has to hope those areas do not have some sort of accident that spreads that toxicity throughout the land.

    My point is that renewable energy sources should serve humankind well for eons, but they should be clean energy sources, not dirty.

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  • It'll do a better job than non-renewable energy sources. You can't run a car on an empty tank, after all.

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