Why does North Carolina have a lack of a normal population growth the way that other states these days have?

Why is North Carolina so bad and why does nobody want to flock in to my state?

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  • A.J.
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    6 months ago

    Population rise or decline of a place is based on move in versus move out, deaths and births.

    North Carolina, starting in about 1930, has had population increases of a little under 1% to a little under 2% per year fairly consistently.


    It's a little higher than the USA as a whole typically as rate of increase.

    They tend to rise faster than average but rarely as a flocking to the state, and instead as slow growth.

    Some states are extremely variable by year and some increase faster and some actually drop in population sometimes.

    The Raleigh and Charlotte areas have grown quite a bit, where many rural areas have not, as people have moved towards cities and away from rural.

    North Carolina tends to be moderate, mid-level, in most measures, and tends towards consistency.

    Climate, taxes, economic growth, terrain, business environment, cities and rural environments, school system, social services, etc. all tend to be slightly favorable but not outstanding.

    Politically, it is in a slow change lately from Republican to Democrat and has a history of swing between conservative and progressive. The larger cities are liberal-progressive as is normal in the USA.

    The 2016 Election was Trump Rep (49.8%) over Clinton Dem (46.2%) for US President, but but Roy Cooper Dem (49%) over incumbent Republican Pat McCrory (48.8%) for governor. 2 Republican US Senators, US Representatives 3 Democrat, 8 Republican, 3rd District Jones, Walter B. Republican died in February, and 9th District was contested in 2018 and Republicans convicted of election fraud with new election due in September. NC Legislature HR has 56D 65R and NC Senate with 21D and 30R. North Carolina has a history of gerrymandering and election issues.

    I have lived in North Carolina and the lifestyle varies there depending on where in the state.

  • Sally
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    6 months ago

    Google "Moral Mondays" and find out what that was about. That will answer your question.

  • 6 months ago

    It has a large Muslim pop

  • Jerome
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    6 months ago

    A nice place to retired to is how I always viewed NC. But the job situation sucks. People are cool though.

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