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Approximately How Long do the fever last with RSV Brocholituis?

My daughter is 2 yrs 9 months old and has RSV Brocholituis diagnosed in ER. Fever is breaking but comes back. Today is day 5 of feverish. Any advice on duration of fever and how to ease symptoms will be greatly appreciated. Follow up appointment is already in place

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    2 years ago
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    The fever is usually over by then.

    The best way to ease symptoms is to keep the child hydrated and help them to clear the nasal secretions.

    For the fever, you can try alternating between motrin and tylenol; you give the other one before the next dose is due of the first one, so they don't have a period of time where there's no medication working.

    Sometimes kids develop a secondary pneumonia with RSV. If she has respiratory distress, persistent high fever, or lethargy you'd need to bring her back to the ER.

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    Clearly this is when you call the doctor and explain that the symptoms are not subsiding rather than trust random strangers online with no verifiable credentials.

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    2 years ago

    CALL THE DOCTOR and tell them she still has a fever. It would appear her medication is not working. Even if she had pneumonia, one would think the fever would be gone by now. I would think the doctor would want to see her right away, if she still has a fever.

    Find a doctor who is willing to see a sick patient at the right time. Your doctor should also be able to tell you what product to use for the fever, although children's Tylenol or generic would be the logical medicine.

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