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Where can I donate stuff animals and they will give them away for free?

I have a bag filled with old stuff animals that are in good shape. I want to donate them to little kids. Who's parents can't afford them. But the only place I know where I can donate them is good will. And they will just put them for sale. Is there somewhere I can donate them and they will give them away for free?

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    You may have to phone around first to see if these places will accept them:

    --library in a poor neighborhood

    --settlement house

    --shelter for homeless families

    --battered women's shelter

    --hospital waiting room

    --urgent care waiting room

    --toy library

    --Child Protective Services office

    --foster care agency

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    not many places will take old.

  • 6 months ago

    Please do NOT bring them to a hospital. Stuffed animals are dust collectors and can harbor germs, and cannot be easily disinfected. Most hospitals cannot accept any used stuffed animals (some cannot accept any stuffed animals at all.)

  • 6 months ago

    Try the Salvation Army?

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    bring thern to a hospital and donate thern to the little kids staying there

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