What's the name of this murder/mystery book?

I have been searching the internet for this book for YEARS so please help if you can!! I read it about 5 years ago. I think the cover might have had like an old brown tree on it? But I cant remember the title or author.

Anyway so basically it is from the point of view if this teenage boy. One day, his neighbor, who was an old lady, was found dead. I believe she fell out of a window or was hung or something. People think it was an accident but the boy starts to believe someone murdered her. As his older cousin is planning her wedding and all the family members are caught up in the chaos of wedding planning, he tries to tell them that he thinks the old lady was murdered, but no one listens. Someone starts targeting him to shut him up but he doesn't know who is is. They tried shooting him, throwing a flower pot on his head, and at a family function while he was up in his room, he heard a knock and saw a plate of chicken outside his door. He thinks his mom made it for him and left it there, but he wasn't hungry so it fed it to his cat. His cat got sick and he realized it was poisoned. He also at one point, found out who it was because he saw one his family friends at the family function and he had cat scratches on his arm from when he was murdering the old lady and her cat scratched him. It ends with them both being in the deceased lady's house somehow and the man is gonna kill the boy, but the boy grabs a random spider and tells the man that it it poisonous and throws it at him.

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