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Which fuel injector cleaner will be SAFE(without causing damage) to use on my Honda?

I have a 2003 Honda Element and I am going to buy a fuel additive. However, I deciding three types that I don’t know which to choose from.

It’s either going to be from Lucas, royal purple or Techron.

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    You probably don't need any fuel system cleaner since gasoline is refined so much now days.

    If you feel better spending your money buy the Techron brand. BMW used to have customers use it when they were having carbon build up problems with reformulated gasoline and it works..

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    Why are you worried about your 2003 Honda Element when it's "totaled." Do you know what term that means? It means the cost of auto-body repairs exceed the fair market value of the vehicle. In simple terms, you will have spend 3,000+ dollars to fix your brick after the accident. And you could go buy another brick from a private individual at a cheaper price.

    Plus, your auto insurance company is going to drop you at the end of their six month policy because you've had too many at-fault accidents. So you won't be able to drive for the next three years (until your record is clean). If by some miracle, they are willing to continue to insure you, your monthly cost for basic liability will be about 1300-1600 dollars.

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    Well they don't sell that stuff to **** up peoples cars.

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    Only a fool buys 'injector cleaner'. The fuel cleans injectors continuously. If injector cleaner worked at all the manufacturers would recommend it's use. It doesn't work so they don't. However if you wish to join the ranks of the gullible, go ahead.

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    Lucas and Techron.

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    Injector cleaner is essentially kerosene with some dye and a few additives to make it look and smell nice. Look up the Material Sfety Data Sheet. Anything without Xylene in it will be OK

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