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What disease am I getting?

Since today I'm feeling so hungry. I ate 2 slices of pizza for breakfast. One cup of fried rice and a baked chicken breast for lunch. Had a small glass of chocolate milk. Ate a small fries and 10 chicken nuggets for dinner. Then ate a small powdered sugar donut and a white kit kat. Now I'm still hungry. My stomach is flat, my taste buds are watering, and my mind is racing ready to eat. Could it be a disease?

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    Possibly a type of malnutrition.

    What you have listed included a poor balance of foods and your body could be craving essential nutrients that were not included. Try a big bowl of salad, some lightly steamed vegetables and some fresh fruit to balance the junk food.

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    did you smoke weed?

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    probably just hungry cause you're not really eating a full meal I'm the same way try eating something heavy like broccoli mashed potatoes mac and cheese chicken

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    you're in love

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    not its not a disease

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    Hypochondria and a really good metabolism. Keep eating like that and you'll weigh 300 lbs in a few years.

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