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Is camping in campgrounds a social thing or would I look like a weirdo if I go by myself?

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  • Rick
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    6 months ago
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    All sorts of people camp for all sorts of reasons. The campgrounds themselves tell you a lot about their visitors. KOAs close to interstate highways tend to get more single night traveling stayovers. State Park campgrounds with water parks attached or nearby along with other family oriented activity availability tend to attract families staying longer. Camper 'types' are many and varied. You'll find loners along with social butterflies. Campers as a rule are decent and nonjudgmental people. No one will think you weird for camping alone.

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  • Toruko
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    I usually go alone into National Forests as each one allows up to 14

    free days of camping wherever I choose to stop rolling my DR650.

    I don't always find ride companions to go dodge tree trunks with

    cross-country. My interest includes cave discovery in either lava

    of Northern California or Central La-la Land limestone. Have

    contact information for more than 8,000 other cave explorers in

    the USA and elsewhere. If interested, see

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    it is usually for R&R that stands for rest and relaxation

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    That would be their problem. I camp by myself all the time.

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    A lot of campsites are arranged for multiple camping groups, those seem to favor a more social crowd.

    My notion of camping is wilderness with not a soul for many miles. Have done a number of the public campsites though, get to one a few days before a holiday, you are by yourself, then fills up before the long weekend hits.

    Don't think others would find that weird. Seen backpackers spend a day or few.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Most people on their own seem to be sleeping over and setting out again the next morning.

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