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How do I keep retainer from stinking?

Got my retainer a few days ago but whenever I take it out of my mouth it stinks! (I used retainer bright yesterday and dish soap everyday). I want to use retainer bright everyday it’s so nasty to me but I don’t have enough so I have to do recommended weekly.

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  • Lauren
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    1 year ago
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    Do you have a clear retainer? My suggestion is to clean it every time it comes out of your mouth with peppermint castille soap and a Q-tip. Place the retainers in a little container of water with the castille soap and swirl it around a bit. Then use a Q-tip to get the soap in all the crevices and scrub it. Rinse with water. Toothpaste is harsh and even a toothbrush can leave deep scratches in the retainer that will make it hard for you to clean it. I think the Q-tips and castille soap work very well but you must be dedicated to cleaning it every time it comes out of your mouth. If you can't do a deep cleaning then rinse really well with water, and clean as soon as possible.

  • cmac'm
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    1 year ago

    brush it with your tooth brush when you brush your teeth.

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