Which Religion Is the Easiest to follow Islam or Judaism or Christianity, please explain why. Can this please be like a essay?

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    You need to write your own essay. You need to practice to develop your writing skills and your critical thinking skills. Do some reading about the three religions. All have sects or people who follow the rules more strictly than others. There are Orthodox Jews who keep kosher kitchen, won't have dairy products on the same plates as meat, and won't eat most seafood. There are many other rules. There's a group at the swimming pool I go to where the women cover their hair and wear long skirts, not bathing suits. They share some practices with Muslims, who don't eat pork or drink, and women have to keep their hair covered. Fundamentalist Christians where I live won't dance, play cards, drink or gamble. They go to church twice on Sunday and once in the middle of the week.

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    I believe it's whichever one you were raised on as a small child.

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    Salam, sure I'll help ya. I am Muslim and will give you 5 of many reasons to believe in Allah (swt) and the message within the Noble Quran.

    1. You will not burn in hell for eternity and will be saved, all your past sins will be forgiven and all your good deeds remain, so essentially you would be a better Muslim than me and would be able to go high in heaven as we believe there are 7 heavens in Islam one on top of another and the highest one (jannah firdaus) is the best one and everyone gets what they earn. You will get whatever you desire in heaven and whatever you wish.

    2. Those who follow Islam 100% never fall into depression (google it), that is because they believe in the hereafter and understand that Allah (swt) is the one who provides them with hardship to test them and that they will achieve a higher heaven if they pass the test (meaning the faith is never broken and they are patient) they repent for sins and give thanks for what they have. It is said (in scripture) that when a father lost his son, an angel reported it to God (swt), and God (swt) asked: "what did he say?" The angel replied: "To Allah (swt) we belong and to him we shall return." God said: "Build him a house (in heaven)." So you see such people feel Allah's (swt) love in hardship and tough times that they do not feel depressed at all.

    3. You will be welcomed by your brothers and sisters with open arms at a mosque or anywhere, you will be treated as one of their own family, they will invite you for meals and help you in your affairs, you will feel at peace in Islam. Many people who felt empty and suicidal stated when they converted that they felt so much happier and not sad anymore and they have us to rely on who will help them.

    4. Islam will protect you from living a sinful life and from the bad things of this life such as drugs and fornication and ill-talk. It will make you a better person and it will protect you from bad people and sinful things.

    5. Allah (swt) will turn to you in mercy and increase your wealth and prosperity if you ask of him after prayers, if you walk to Allah (swt) he will run to you, if you reach your arm towards him, he will reach his arm twice as long towards you, and he will reward you for your patience and suffering (if you are suffering) and he will make life easier for you and guide you on a straight path to heaven.

    If you're interested, feel free to email me from my profile or post in the Ramadan section of yahoo answers: society and culture > holidays > Ramadan.

    I hope you convert to the only religion God (swt) will ever accept, if not, then my job was only to recite to you the message. Hope I helped. :)

    Let me point out some flaws for you in Christianity.

    1. How can a trinity exist? WHY does an all knowing and all power God need to split himself up into 3 anyway to accomplish anything? Consider this; a business breaks up into three business and splits assets because one business run by 3 owners runs more slowly compared to one owner (Allah swt). Do you still consider these 3 businesses as one business? Consider this, what if Jesus (pbuh) had a son? Would there be four Gods in the universe? What if the Gods Christians worshiped kept having sons until there was an entire species of Gods, would Christians worship 1000s of Gods as one God? Jesus (pbuh) was a man and you can understand his story in the Noble Quran and hadith, he did not die, GOD can't DIE. No one died for your sins, everyone is responsible for their own sins, that includes the sin of prophet Adam (pbuh), we did not inherit his sin, he was only allowed into heaven by Allah (swt) to learn a lesson, he was predestined for Earth 40 years before his creation. So when Satan duped them as God (Swt) willed, he kicked them out of heaven but not as punishment, he forgave them (as stated in the bible as well) so how can he punish them and forgive them? (bible contradiction), nay, he was predestined for Earth to learn humility, determination, gratefulness, and to repent for sins and (for us as humanity) prove to ourselves we are worthy of being in heaven or hell.

    2. Why do Catholics need a priest and to "confess sins" to this priest? Confessing sins is actually a sin, and an all hearing and all know God can perfectly hear your repentance at your own home by yourself without a medium. Also consider these corruptions in the bible, the prophet Lot (pbuh) in the bible is described as a man who got drunk and had premarital s3x with his two daughters and impregnated them, this is who Christians idolize! this is not the real prophet Lot (pbuh), the real Lot (pbuh) was a righteous messenger of God (swt) and did not drink and have premarital s3x. Other prophets (pbuh) in the bible are described like this because Satan corrupted the bible and the Torah and the psalms which were previous revelations from God. He wants people to think "well since the prophet did it so can I." so he successfully dupes them into sinning.

    3. Also Jesus (pbuh) never even claimed to be God directly in the bible at all, the Christians attribute humane things to God (swt) such as having a son or a wife. He is above such things. Also Satan does not Rule Earth as is stated in the Bible, this is a joke, Satan is only an instigator and a trial sent by God (swt) to us so that we seek refuge in God and protection from Satan. Allah (swt) is the ruler of the heavens and the Earth and all in between.

    So read the Noble Quran and post here in the Ramadan section so we can help you be guided dear sister/brother.

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    All as difficult as the other. Religion is a belief system, an abstract, that you have to put physical properties too. Those properties you have to garner and sort out from parents stories, religious books, dogma, propaganda and hate speech. Good luck.


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