Why are the Cleveland Indians ahead of the White Sox in the standings despite both having the same record?

At the time of writing this, both Cleveland and the White Sox are 29-30. However, Cleveland is in 2nd place and the White Sox are in 3rd. It's probably a tiebreaker, but what tiebreaker is it? Thanks!

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  • Bill B
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    6 months ago
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    They are tied for second; neither is in third place.

    Usually it is done alphabetically but I cannot say why that article put Cleveland before Chicago, unless they were doing Indians and White Sox.

    I just looked up the standings and they have Chicago above Cleveland.


  • 6 months ago

    Blorg, I believe the standings folk compare records against similar opponents in breaking that tie. As they say in baseball all the time, "It's early!" Such ties only matter near the END of the season.

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