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Why do people think Criticism of what Israel does is Antisemitic?

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    Well, it doesn't help that a lot of so-called critics of Israel are indeed anti-Semitic. Not all, of course, but quite a large number use "Israel" when they mean the Jews in general. It doesn't help the anti-Israel side one bit when it's incredibly common to substitute "Israeli" for "Jew", as is commonly done since Israel is the world's only Jewish majority nation. Furthermore, I know a lot of people who pay attention to the condemnation that other nations get and notice that Israel receives more than their fair share (even if you believe all of the accusations made against them), so they conclude that a lot of people are anti-Semitic since they do treat Israel differently.

    I'll reiterate that not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. There are Jewish critics of Israel, after all, and criticism doesn't always translate to hatred of the nation. It's more than possible to be very pro-Israel yet have your own thoughts on how it can better be run. Still, a simple dive into any anti-Israel demonstration will yield an unsettling amount of anti-Semitism, even those at campuses that ironically tout their tolerance and diversity. If you can't find it, ask someone even moderately pro-Israel and I'm sure they'll be sure to point out the rather unsettling things that are even close to you.

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    Contributors often claim they are only “criticizing”, Israel, but what such contributors really mean is: “make unsubstantiated-accusations against”, which they choose to do against Israel, and not other countries !

    When are falsehoods against Israel typically due to anti-Semitism?

    UNSUBSTANTIATED-allegations against Israel that insult the reader’s intelligence by being typically-provided with:

    No details, no objective-sources; zero evidence.

    This leaves the impression Israel has become merely a hate-substitute target for that of the Jewish People.

    Supporting the Palestinian war of ethnic-hatred against Israeli Jews is anti-Semitism:

    > The Palestinians want ALL the land of Israel (to which they have zero-verifiable claims), to expel or murder, the Jews as is shown by what is taught by the Palestinian education system and from the “Palestinian National Charter”

    > Supporting anti-Semitism, is anti-Semitism; while pretending otherwise constitutes a form of appeasement, which is a failed policy.

    The Palestinians usually find that their propaganda is “pushing at an open door”, many being Willing to believe them, while Unwilling to verify if it is factual, due to anti-Semitism about which many are in denial.

    Nor therefore do such people require any reasonable or proper moral standard from the “Palestinian” Arabs.

    Supporting Palestinian nationalism would cease to be antisemitism, only once it ceases seeking to destroy Israel and to expel or murder its Jews, instead sincerely seeks a peace treaty recognising two peoples peacefully living side-by-side, seeking the common-good, as do for example Belgium and France.

    Supporting anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism:

    The Palestinian Education Authority in the Palestinian Territories teaches Holocaust-Denial and admiration of the Nazis - Copy to your address bar:

    Supporting anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism:

    While there is no evidence that Israel targets civilians, the Palestinians target Israeli Jewish civilians as policy including children (see below) - No wonder anti-Semites display such emotional-support for the Palestinians!

    The Palestinians cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as:

    “uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”.

    Palestinians are paid a reward-“pension” to murder Jewish Israelis including children:

    Palestinian anti-Israel hate-propaganda seems repetitively-produced, “copy-pasted” as if it originated “robotically” from a factory-floor.

    Try getting pro-Palestinians to prove either their false-allegations against Israel or their false-claims on Israel or Jerusalem, with any objective-evidence!

    Palestinians typically-label as:

    “Dehumanization”, Propaganda”, “Hasbara”, “Subterfuge,

    any verifiable-argument that the Palestinians seem unable to answer and therefore also, refuse to answer.

    Collected from posted-questions and answers from anti-Semitic (posing as anti-Zionist / anti-Israel) contributors, Israel / the Jewish People apparently do all the following, being falsehoods alleged with typically zero-evidence:

    “Oppression” / “(mis) treatment” / “discrimination” / “racism” / “2nd class, treated as”:

    [The Palestinians falsely-complain about Israeli security measures by describing them using the above terms, but while not mentioning the Palestinian on-going war of ethnic-hatred against Israeli Jews including children - see source above. Such complaints are actually Palestinian frustration at Israeli security making it less easy for Palestinians to murder Jews whenever the fancy takes them].

    And: “Atrocities” against / “brutality” / “cruelty” to / “Holocaust” against / “human rights abuse” against / “Nazi-like behaviour” towards / “plight” of / “victimization” of / “war crimes” against.

    That Israeli economic measures (aka “blockade”) on Gaza allegedly is: “collective punishment”:

    [While failing to mention the Israeli economic measures are due to Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks on Israel].

    That Palestinian Gaza rocket and mortar attacks on Israel are due to the Israeli economic measures on Gaza:

    [Such is Palestinian reverse-fact propaganda because the Israeli economic measures on Gaza are due to Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks on Israel].

    Then there is the use typically for propaganda purposes, of what normally are neutral terms, when falsely implying wrongdoing by Israel, for example:

    “actions” against, “behaviour” towards, “doing” to, “(mis-) treatment” of.

    “Ethnic-cleansing” / “intentional-displacement” / “eviction” / “expulsion”:

    [Presumably when taking time-off from doing all the: “Actions” , “Atrocities”, “brutality”, “cruelty”, “Holocausting”, “human rights abuse”, “mistreatment”, “Nazism”, “oppression”, “victimization”, “war crimes”, etc.

    While there was never any Israeli policy to expel Palestinians, the “Palestinian” Arab wars have always had the expulsion (or murder) of the Jewish population as their primary-objective, as in the “Palestinian National Charter” - See for example all Jews expelled in 1948 from East Jerusalem by the Jordanian illegal-occupiers, below.]

    Doing “Apartheid”:

    [Presumably when taking time-off from doing the “genocide”.

    Having expelled any Jewish population from all areas under Palestinian control, the Palestinians then falsely-claimed “Apartheid” against Israel !]

    Creating Ghettos, with Gaza allegedly being:

    a “concentration camp” / like the Nazi “Warsaw Ghetto” / a “prison”:

    [If that were so, then it would be a rather unusual one, being able to fire numerous rockets from time to time at the cities of those it considers its enemies.]

    “Genocide” / “Holocaust”:

    [Presumably when taking time-off from doing the: “Apartheid”, “Ghettos”, “Ethnic-cleansing”, etc.].

    Also: “Slaughtering”, “murdering”, “victimization”:

    [Terms that constitute reverse-fact propaganda, because Israel does not target civilians, but the Palestinians, rather than being “victims” are victim-makers, since the Palestinians are paid a reward-“pension” for the murder of Jewish Israelis including children - see source already given above.]

    “Stealing” / “Colonizing”:

    [Jewish ancestral land since all the disputed areas are on land of the former Jewish Kingdoms of Judea / Israel ! See map of Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital (of what is now EAST Jerusalem aka the “Old City”) of Jerusalem, and independent as at 110 BCE / 753 BH–752 BH:


    [Jewish ancestral land - see above!]


    [Jewish ancestral land - see above!]

    Building allegedly illegal homes (aka “settlements”) on the West Bank:

    [The Palestinians agreed to the Oslo Accords under which Israel retains full control over Area C of the West Bank due to Palestinian breach of the Accords in failing to stop hostile acts. In Area C are the Israeli homes (aka “settlements”), as permitted under the Oslo Accords.

    Also the whole of the West Bank is land of the prior Jewish Kingdoms of Judea / Israel.]

    Also building allegedly “illegal” homes (aka “settlements”) in the ancestral Jewish capital of “East Jerusalem” aka the “Old City”:

    [The false allegation of “illegality” being a travesty of modern-history, since in 1948 the Jordanian-occupiers expelled all the Jews from East Jerusalem:]

    That Israel has “constantly-expanding” borders:

    [Reverse-fact propaganda, since as an attempt at “land for peace” Israel gave the Palestinians autonomy of 40% of the West Bank and the whole of Gaza under the Oslo Accords.]

    That Israel is “in breach of international law / laws”, yet the such accusers typically provide:

    > Zero information identifying any such alleged international law / laws.

    > Zero evidence of any such infringement.

    Meanwhile pro-Palestinians also allege:

    That the Jewish People are not really Jewish:

    [To dishonestly evade the noble Quran’s recognition that the Land of Israel is given by Allah / God to the Jewish People (noble Quran: Sura “Al-Maaida” 5:21). They do this to perpetrate a hoax that Jewish Israelis are foreign invaders.

    AND (strangely)

    That the Palestinians are the “real-Jews”:

    [Again, in order to dishonestly evade the noble Quran’s recognition - see above.]

    Inconsistent with the latter, the Palestinians also falsely-claim (more strangely) they are descended from the Canaanites:

    “Op-ed in PA daily fabricates history, claiming Palestinians are descendants of the biblical Canaanites Source: Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 27, 2017”:

    “History” is a branch of knowledge dealing with past events, for which internationally accepted objective-evidence will exist, and to which reference can be made by giving source material; the same evidence applies to news and current affairs:

    Pro-Palestinian contributors do not “do” credible objective-evidence.

    Example questions characterized by anti-Jewish hatred posing as anti-Israel / anti-Zionist:







    Most such unsubstantiated slurs against Israel in reality either psychologically-reflect what the pro-Palestinian contributor / the Palestinians desire to have happen to Israel / the Jewish People, or reflect the actual behaviour of the Palestinians.


    Attachment image
    Source(s): Image: “Palestinian protesters carry a transparent kite defaced with a swastika ... [Gaza border] - [AFP/Getty Images].”: Jews are the indigenous people of their ancestral homeland of Israel with unbroken presence there since Biblical times:
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      A notice on this websites states: "This site is protected by reCAPTCHA..." Consider: Is this "reCAPTCHA harassment" really the website-protection and the normal user-experience that Oath / Yahoo Answers intends for its users?

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    Another day, another time someone asks this question.

    There are Anti Israel people who are antisemitic.

    There are Anti Israel people who are not.

    It depends on what is said.

    But, the question you should be asking is why do several anti Israel people pretend that the first category doesn't exist?

    And the question I ask is why do so several anti Israel people refuse to call their views as "anti Israel" and instead go for "softer" labels like "criticism" as you do?

  • 7 months ago

    I think they are dishonest or stupid. Maybe both.

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    Very ironic from conservatives that think all jews are going to hell, and them starting a nuclear war there will "make Jesus come back."

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    That word is used for convenience to stop any citicsim of Israel. It means nobody is allowed to say anything about the crimes committed by Israel, the illeagl occupation or the building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, or the killing of Palestinians, or the way Iasrael withholds basic necessities like food and water and electricity from Palestinians.

    All that is convenently hidden, while the Israeli oppressors claim they are the victims. Very clever.

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      Palestinian joy at the murder of civilians, extends also to the United States of America – please see source for Palestinian reaction to 9/11:

  • Anonymous
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    To prevent criticism of Israel, these are people opposed to free speech.

    Its kind of ironic that Jews are now the Nazis.

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      I mentioned above Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli cities, and here is a source:

  • 7 months ago

    They are at political odds with the people who criticize Israel and want to discredit those people by accusing them of bigotry.

    • Robert
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      Reader test yourself: Anti-Semitics are: Willing to happily-accept what pro-Palestinians allege against the Jews / Israel, while being Unwilling to demand objective-verification.

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