I learned that Seaworld in San Antonio is ending the orca shows in 2019. Does anyone know when it will be? Have they already ended?

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  • Marc
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    They will keep the captive whales "educationally" but 2019 looks like the season will be filled with orca shows. THE FOLLOWING IS THE INTRO TO THE LINK.

    SeaWorld San Antonio President Carl Lum recently announced that after years of protests and a public outcry, the park is ending its orca shows and focusing on a “Shamu-free future.” Lum noted in an interview with Texas Public Radio that instead of theatrical orca shows, the marine park wants to invest in new roller coasters and “more educational programs.”

    That’s great and all, but SeaWorld’s future is far from cruelty-free. Orcas are slated to be forced to perform demeaning tricks until 2019. And even after the company ends these shows, the animals will still be forced to jump and splash for dead fish inside the very same concrete tanks as part of “educational encounters.”

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