Am I just completely naive or belittle myself when it comes to women liking me?

So basically until a couple of weeks ago I thought no girl had a thing for me or could ever have a thing for me, especially after how my ex girlfriend was a crazy controlling narcissist, though thats another story. But basically a couple of weeks ago I found out 2 women liked me.

First girl basically a friend of mine who goes to a different college to me got asked by her friend about my profile picture, and that girl apparently thought it was cute and wondered if she could talk to me. I am in the middle of exam period so have postponed talking to her for a few weeks, but am utterly perplexed to why she would want to talk to me, let alone ask my friend about me and whether it would be ok or not or her to ask.

Second girl I don't believe likes me anymore, but back in the autumn this girl basically had a thing for me, I was completely oblivious to it. Then not long after girl one tried to make an advance on me my friend who likes her pointed it out to me and only then did I connect the dots; I don't like her in that way and only see her as a friend. But again she didn't know me well or for long when she apparently fell for me. Am I just completely oblivious to the fact that someone may be crushing on me, or do I just put myself down to much as a result of my previous toxic relationship?

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  • 1 year ago

    Instead of wasting time on pointless speculation it might be a good idea to talk it out with the girls one on one. Not postpone it for weeks with a lame excuse like "exams" - there's always a half hour for coffee and a chat.

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