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Jerome asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 9 months ago

Is America being transformed into a kind of parliamentary democracy?

Parliamentary government is a democratic form of government in which the political party that wins the most seats in the legislature or parliament during the federal election forms the government. ... It's called 'parliamentary government' because all of the power is vested in the parliament.

Where congress decides (secretly) who wins the executive branch. Their function is to make everyone believe they work for the people as a whole and not "their" people. Whether their means nationality, race, religion, monied, sexuality, etc.

Government is similar to Israel's.

One of the pros of this style? Legislation gets passed quickly and efficiently.

Now look at the types of legislation being passed and not being passed. Oath agreements, anti abortion, monied loans for elites, nothing for seniors, or the young once borne.

Are cons ok with this new democracy coming to America, Israeli style? Lol

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  • BMCR
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    9 months ago
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    I find it quite odd that you use Israel as an example when there are other examples, like Canada.

    In fact, Canada would be a better example than Israel since Israel also has direct elections of the Prime Minister (since 1996).


    In Canada, the Prime Minister gets the job by virtue of being the leader of the party that wins the most seats.

    In fact, if the PM steps down, his/her party can select a new leader who becomes PM even without elections. (See Kim Campbell 1993 for an example.)

    I highly doubt that the USA will do what you claim.

    (And by "highly doubt" I really mean "no way".)

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    No. It's being transformed into a fascist deep state dictatorship where only Democrats can run for election like in California. When was the last time a Republican ran for the Senate in California?

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