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Good dance studios in Chicago for college students?

I'll be living in downtown Chicago for college starting next year. I'm not going to school for dance and my college doesn't offer dance courses or have a dance team, but I want to continue dancing (preferably on a performance company).

I've been dancing for 15 years and competitively for 4 years, and I would like to join a studio that mostly college students/young adults attend.

If you have knowledge of the city & know of good dance studios for college students let me know!

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    Chicago has a really great dance scene. You are going to love it! However they really aren’t recital school/competition dance focus but way more professional in terms of technique training.

    You could take open adult classes at Joffrey Ballet or Hubbard Street dance (Lou Conte studio.) Two top places to take classes no matter what your level. There is a lot of options for different classes.

    These will be full of college students along with visiting professional dancers just grabbing an open class to keep in shape.

    Performance company dance would only be done by their professional affiliate companies. While you may be able to find something closer to what you had at home in a more suburban area of Chicago, you will find the classes in these studios to be more challenging, the level of student training higher, and both will help you grow as a dancer. You are actually really lucky to be in an area where you can take professional level dance training no matter what your current level of recital/competition training has been.

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    A facebook friend of mine teaches at Mayfair Performing Company, you might want to check them out.

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