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Do fairs/carnivals have overnight security?

Just curious. If a few friends and I were to sneak into a fair or carnival at night, is there any security guards that patrol in the middle of the night? How much trouble would we get into if caught?

And yes I already know it’s stupid of us, but please answer my question to the best of your knowledge and I will give best answer. Thank you so much!

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    Yes to both questions. There will be guards, cameras, and likely a police presence as well.

    Even if you did nothing else, it is Trespassing, which could (but is not guaranteed) to get you some jail time.

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    6 months ago

    Of course they have security that walks around. They also have security camera's that monitor the entire area. Not sure why you would want to sneak in. They lock up any of their game prizes and if you attempted to even start any ride you would be instantly noticed.

    When you get caught the very least they would charge you with is trespassing. If you had to break a lock or cause any damage in sneaking in that would raise it to a felony charge. Figuring you are under 18 you would also be charged with curfew violations.

    Your parents will be called, they will be required to come and get you. You could get fined, be given some community service hours, put in Juvenile hall, and yes even possibly have your drivers license suspended for a few years because you are a minor.

    In more extreme circumstances they could also charge your parents with neglect or contributing to the delinquency of a minor if they can prove that they knew you were planning this or could have stopped you. This could be by something as even as simple as letting you go out after curfew regardless of what they thought you would be doing. This means they could also get fined and possibly be given jail time.

    If by some chance you are over 18, pretty much everything still applies except that the charges would stick with you the rest of your life and you could end up in the Adult Jail.

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    probably ................... one of the set-up men or maybe a driver ...............

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