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Trying to eat healthier w/ canned produce?

Hello everyone. I am an overweight black male. 36 years old, 325 pounds, and used to be bigger. I still need work. I still get tired walking up steps. Butbi am coming along. No surgery. Just doing it the basic natural way of walking and cardio and trying to eat right. But meanwhile, i dont work and my budget is very tight. So many times, I have canned produce, no salt. Which is good. Its like green beans, sweet peas, carrots and thats about it. Ive heard so many horror stories abiut canned goods, even the no salt kind. But is it really that bad, or do i need to break down and find some way to get fresh produce? Please advise.

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    It's all about what goes into the can that makes it good or bad. There used to be a lot of bad quality canned goods out there, by which I mean second best products were selected to be canned and then to make them taste better because they weren't that good to begin with all kinds of extras were added, like excess salt and sugar. There were bad quality cans too that leached stuff into the food. Sometimes the memories of the bad things casts long shadows.

    Fresh is nice, but lots of things that you think are fresh in he grocery store aren't. Vegetables can be months old having been stored in cold, low-oxygen warehousing before being distributed. At least with canned goods the stuff was put into the can fresh. You've got a tight budget and you're doing good with what you've got . What you got might not be your favorite thing, but it's not bad and there's no waste. Keep doing what you're doing.

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    Canned foods are the most highly processed and least nutritious. Peas and carrots are NOT diet foods. They are both very high in sugars, so are diet busters.. You're better off eating broccoli. If you cannot afford fresh vegetables, buy frozen ones instead.. but get off the canned veggies, and for sure get off the high sugar/high carb veggies (peas, carrots, corn)

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    You need fresh or frozen AND you need to change your choices. Peas and carrots have loads of natural sugars, so they aren't good for a person who might be a type II diabetic or pre-diabetic. Cooked and canned veggies also don't have the fiber you want and need. Better choices for you would include lettuce, cabbage, spinach, celery, zucchini, cauliflower, and broccoli. Fresh produce is cheaper in the summer and there are often farmers' markets where you can get great deals. Frozen can work as well.

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    You will be much better off with fresh food. When I was poor I bought a large cheap cookpot. Evrey week I bought fresh carrots, leeks, onion and potatoes, plus cheap stewing beef. I loaded up the pot, added water and a beef stock cube and boiled it. It made about a gallon of stew which I reheated every night and each pot lasted a week, for about $10.

    You can also eat beans and rice with a bit of onion and stewing beef. All theses things are cheaper than cans.

    Get some apples too.

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    Frozen produce is nearly as good as fresh and much better than canned.

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    Try frozen veggies.

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    Canned produce is fine for when you are mixing vegetables into a Green Bean Casserole, or Tuna Casserole. And canned Corn or peas is good on the side.

    But otherwise, you are better off using fresh vegetables. As a heavy guy who has also been on diets, the best diet I found was to simply add a large load of vegetables to your lunch and dinner when possible. For dinner, I'd often steam, roast or stir fry a really big helping of fresh vegetables to accompany my small entre. And when I would do that I would drop weight very nicely.

    And now, many grocery stores already bag a large helping of a variety of vegetables so you can just buy one bag and have a nice medley of veggies with that meal.

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