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What do energy drinks do to your body? (Rockstars)?

Just curious..I drink 1-3 a week (never more than one a day) and just curious what it does to your body to give you “energy” I know there’s caffeine in them just wondering if side effects and stuff also

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  • 2 years ago

    ok so energy drinks for the most part are full of sugar which could hurt your blood sugar levels by making them fluctuate oddly. its also full of caffeine which is highly addictive also bad for you its bad for the blood flow and its bad for energy. and then there are some energy drinks with a thing called creatine and that stuff is super bad for you.

    PLZ give a best answer

  • 2 years ago

    Much the same as strong coffee. Most energy drinks also contain high levels of sugar, so remember to count this if you are limiting the amount of sugar you consume, although low - and no-sugar energy drinks do exist. Unless you are very sensitive to caffeine, or if you also drink a large amount of coffee or tea, the amount you drink is unlikely to cause any side effects

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