how can I type a letter on my pc I don't have word?

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  • 6 months ago

    Ah yes, i remember when Microsoft Word used to be free. Now, it is not. Which stinks. And that is why nobody uses Word, Office, Excel, or Powerpoint anymore.

    So, instead of paying for Word, I downloaded a thing called Evernote, which is 100% better and easier to use than Word.

    • ron h
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      I dunno that it's spam, but like norman said Word has never been free.

  • 6 months ago

    There's VARIOUS options that varies from bare-bones to highly functional, depending on your OS & if you have the ability to download / install new software.

    On Windows, there's typically TWO options that are installed by default:

    * Notepad -- This is a bare-bones text editor. All it's geared to do is to edit text documents. You can't do any formatting in this program, but it's useful to quick jot stuff down & document stuff in a format that practically all computers can read.

    * Wordpad -- This is effectively a crude, bare-bones version of "Microsoft Word" that's better geared for letter & document writing, as you have some formatting stuff. The document format is a bit harder to read with default software, but RTF's (Rich Text File) can be easier on human eyes. Modern versions of Wordpad (Windows 10) supports Open Office formats (.odt & .docx).

    On MOST Linux distributions, they will include a text editor as well as an open office suite like Open Office OR, more commonly, Libre Office to handle the word processing tasks.

    On Mac OS X, there's TextEdit that's included to handle this. It's similar to Wordpad in terms of function & features.

    Beyond that, there's some online options available. Since you're more into letter writing, which requires some more elaborate formatting, the best options are Apache's Open Office ( ) & Libre Office ( ). Both are free downloads, but the interface & features do vary a bit (Open Office is a bit more "old school" while Libre Office has some "new school" options like the "notebook" interface, similar to Microsoft's Ribbon bar with modern versions of Office). If you can't install them on the computer, there's portable versions available that you can install & run on a USB storage device (visit for details & downloads).

    If you can't utilize any local storage options for some reason (like using a public or library computer), there's a computer "Cloud" options like Google Docs ( ) & Office 365 ( ) that you can use. Google Docs is Free by Google & provides most options you'll need. Office 365 is by Microsoft, which includes free, basic online-only option & a premium offline subscription.

    Hope this helps!

  • 6 months ago

    I use Open Office.

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    6 months ago

    Use notepad or download one of many free word processors

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