Any good survival books?

I would like to learn more survival skills. Such as shelters, fire, trapping, tracking.

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  • 5 months ago

    Check out this guy...he's the real deal:

  • 6 months ago

    Lots of books on the subject.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    For starters the Imaginary tales that come from chilly mongrel are the best fiction you will ever find in the joke section of giggles book store.

    You will not learn much from a book .

    But nether will you by watching the Tv frauds who give you tips that are more likely to kill you than safe your life.

    the only people who really need survival knowledge are the military.

    You almost certainly will not need any survival knowledge other than the advise of locals who live in the area you might visit.

    IE In the Australian out back you would be advised to carry extra fuel and water in your vehicle more than you think you would require.

    And if the Vehicle breaks down not to leave it hopeful you had already given a ETA for your destination so if you got in to trouble they the people expecting you could start a search party

    Those people who have died in the outback break every rule going.

    And fail to stick to known tracks.

    Still if you feel the need to have a book then The S.A.S book of Survival written by Lofty Wiseman will stand you in good sted.

    Pure military manuals are really not a lot of good as most just give the basics as the best way of learning military survival technique's is by practical training in the field. Which is why the military run courses in Jungles and artic camps around the world and up mountains to train the personnel in exactly what is required.

    Once again going back to Australia as an example between the first and second world wars a unit of the Australian army starved to death up country in Australia because they did not know what plants were poisonous and which were safe to eat.

    So by learning the ways of the native Australians they form a bush tucker research group.

  • Toruko
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    6 months ago

    Infantry training in the US Armed Forces.

    You'll be obliged to quote training manuals.

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  • 6 months ago

    One more time. You have a computer and internet access - that 'internet access' includes dozens of awesome forums and hundreds of web site dedicated to survival.

    Had you taken a few minutes out of your busy life - and used the internet - you would have quickly learned 'survival' comes in nearly 12 different kinds. Arctic Survival is not going to be useful to you in a desert or stuck on a tropical island... seeing my point? Likewise survival 'tricks' like using a chocolate bar to polish the bottom of a Coke can to make a parabolic reflector sun furnace to start a fire - wont work in cold climates.

    I am a trapper. I have caught everything from rabbits to deer in a snares (deer I had to turn into fish and game - it was donated to a food bank). Including gecko on a small tropical island. A 50yd roll of unscented dental floss will feed you are a small group. If you have anything stronger - you will be able to nail larger animals than small game.

    Coming here to ask this - wont get you much. Go read up on some of the forums, and then come back here when you have specific questions. If you just want a book - you have gone to and not here.

  • solo
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    6 months ago

    Outdoor survival skills - Larry Dean Olsen

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