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Why doesn’t this girl talk to me?

This girl goes to my school and we met around late February she seemed pretty cool and funny a great person to talk to. So I started to text her and we both had a good conversation the first time we met after that we started talking more and more everyday and to be honest I actually started to like her she even gave me hugs everyday. We were also gonna hang out at the mall but sadly the plan was cancelled so I’m like oh well maybe next time. But then when I was at school one day I saw her with her ex boyfriend and it seemed like they were getting back together which kinda bummed me out I was kinda mad because I felt like we were really getting somewhere and we could have been more than just friends so we started talking less and less I still saw her at school we still talked but it wasn’t like everyday 24-7. So the other day I told her if she cared about me and she said yes why? I told her I feel like our friendship is just falling apart now we just never seem to be talking a lot like we used to and she never seems interested in my conversations or bothers to listen to me, then she says I would love for you to text me more which is the problem because I do text her but for whatever reason she never bothers to respond or she only texts me once and that’s it and she says she’s always there for me but never really hits me up if anything is wrong or if I’m ok. I feel like she is playing games with me.

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  • tony
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    12 months ago
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    Don't let chicks string you along for their own benefit.action speaks louder than words.move on..Don't seek reasons or "answers" from them. It's in their best interests to NOT give you an answer (or just throw out B.S.) as it's a part of them stringing you along just so they can feel "pretty".

    Chicks like this will give out their numbers, gas your head up, show "signs of IOI's" and in reality want nothing more than your attention EVEN IF they are the ones who start doing that out of nowhere without you doing a thing.

    The "challenge" for them is to get you, (the guy who hasn't given them attention like the rest of her orbiters) to give them attention and then USE that attention you give them to get even MORE attention by not only stringing you along like a puppet being kept in the dark with vague or BS excuses not to go out,

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