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Why is extra time added in football but not in Rugby?

Why do they get 2-5 mins added extra time whereas in rugby we get nothing. Even when there is an injury sometimes the match officials forget to stop the clock (smh) so time has been wasted. Just wish rugby was more generous by adding extra time.

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  • 6 months ago

    The way its done in rugby is much fairer and more open than if football. A football match on TV today showed on the clock that 5 mins of extra time would be added. They played over 6 mins extra. Why ? No explanation.

    • Lôn
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      Well said ! Rugby is also fairer in that the ball has to be out of play when the final whistle goes. In football a player could take a shot and the referee blows his whistle before it goes in the goal and the goal wouldn't stand. The clock can be sen on the screen in rugby, the seconds counting down

  • Because they actually DO stop the clock for TMO, injuries, etc. They also let the last play go on past the 80 minutes; in some cases this has added upwards of 10 minutes of playing time.

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