Do you agree Shias are idol-worshipers & their Imams are idols & so are most enemy of competing non-arab Israel for the sake of Race?

Ali is an Arab idol. My mother family has Jewish root in Iran, I am proud to be Jewish, not stupid Shia like others in my family...


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    6 months ago
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    The belief in Ahlus Sunnah is that shias, like some other sects of Islam, are still Muslim. They are all misguided though. The Islamic scholars state that the extreme shias are non-muslims (kafirs), such as those who beat themselves, leading figures of shiaism like the marjahs (sistani for example), and those who participate in armed conflict against the Sunni Muslims to spread shiaism

    such as those Mushrik shia militia groups in Syria (al-fatyoun, Iranian guard), Lebanon (Hezbullah), Yemen (Houthis), and in Iraq (PMF).

    May Allah destroy them all, they only fight and kill the Sunni Muslims, and no Muslim should attempt to unify shias with Sunni Islam stating they're both the same thing, that is absolutely wrong. All shias will suffer the punishment of hell fire according to one ahadith about the sects of Islam, albeit those still considered Muslim will suffer it only temporarily, of course Allah could still have mercy on them and forgive them and protect those deviants from hellfire out of his infinite mercy.

    So to answer your question. We don't believe all shias are idol-worshipers.

    wa salam.

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      massacring sunnis in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria where they are put in torture prisons and executed.

      These people shouldn't be fought and prayed against? Subhanallah, how do you judge? Are you a pacifist sufi or shia? pacifism has nothing to do with Islam.

  • Imran
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    6 months ago

    i do not agree. Iran is the one and only islamic government in th world

  • Kin
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    6 months ago

    NO, do not insult Shias or any Sunnis if you are a decent, respectable human being and if you calling yourself jewish, be mindful of God and be careful whom you are calling Idol-worshipers. Those are some very serious accusations. You will face Allah one day, be careful.

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