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Alex asked in Dining OutIndonesiaMakassar · 1 year ago

Past problems with savings any advice with help to buy isa s?

Ok long story short, I’m 21 and a few years ago when I first started earning a consistent income, I was blowing most of my money thinking just the first month etc.

Now I can’t get back the £200 p/m for the last year or two in one lump some.

I keep whining to the bank asking if there’s a way I could cover it back.

But they keep saying no as the limit is £200 and you would just have to open an extra side account. But is there a better way as my monthly transfer starts Friday and I recently switched with Nationwide so all my savings are in one place now.


1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    there are limits to have much you can pay into an ISA, so anything extra would need to be in a separate account.

    I suggest you to onto Market Supermarket or similar and check out savings accounts and chose the best for you.

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