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What do you think about :" Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today " about heirless property of Holocaust survivor?

S.447 - Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017

For more than two years, our Polish diplomacy has been consistently spattered by the state diplomacy of the State of Israel, that I was supposed to have appropriated property to Polish citizens who had been murdered by the Germans.

It's about the so-called non-inheritance property, i.e. in which the owner died and did not have established heirs, because he did not have relatives.

In this case, property passes to the state, in this way the ruined and destroyed tenement houses, previously owned by someone who did not have the heirs of mainly Jews, were taken over.

Now, through the Donald Trump Administration, Israel is trying to obtain unjustified compensation from Poland, when the possible defendants are the Federal Government of Germany, and the political heir of the Third German Reich, not Poland as such.

Until today Poland has not obtained the German War Reparations for the Second World War, they do not even want to give away artworks, including Copernicus and Da Vinci.


One of Polish politician said that with all due respect for USA, America have no moral rights to speak about antisemitism because of President F.D Roosevelt turn back boat full of Jewish Refugees from Europe, while Poland always accepted Jewish People who were chased away from all over Europe and we accepted Jewish refugees from Germany when Hitler took power there.

He said that this claim is like someone who let hit his car on purpose to extort money from other drivers insurance

Update 2:

This politician said that for the two ill will that we as Poland would be mixed up with mud by Israeli diplomacy and be called anti-Semites by them, rather than let us be suckers and bankrupts :-)

Update 3:

What do you think about current Polish-Israel diplomatic relations?

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    Maybe you shouldn't have passed that stupid law forbidding people to say "Polish Death camps" which also forbade mentioning how cheerful so many Poles were over helping to exterminate Jews.

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    • Johnny Tomala
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      Polish people were never "helping to exterminate Jews" you scumbag. Polish people fought against the nazis and were the first victims of genocidal nazi policy.

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  • Anonymous
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    Dear friend, it is good that you are interested in history. Give a short answer will not work, but you can read the different versions of these sources.

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  • david
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    Do you think anyone will read this 'dissertation'? === Come on, I sign on for short q & a ...

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