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How do I remove dangerous wiring? I can't find the disconnect for it?

We moved into a waterfront home and my son and daughter were snorkeling in the canal by the boat dock and found a copper rod in the canal bottom with green colored metal wires attached to it leading to a conduit under the dock that runs towards the house, they also found a thick bundle of orange cord type wires running from this conduit under the canal quite a distance, possibly tapped directly into the mains near some businesses. My daughter Lissa found a bunch of propane tanks and had my son dive down like ten feet to find that the tanks were connected to a black hose with green stripes and some metal engraved tags labeled Anhydrous.

There was also what seemed to be a gas and a water hose as well as some sort of internet cable running from the same area near some businesses about 3000 feet away to go into the conduit.

We turned off the power and the water and found that the electrical outlets in the attic as well as the craft room were still live as well as various outlets around the house. In the craft room the sink still had water service and we found that the sinks drain pipe also doubled as the conduit for the illegal wiring.

The only thing that remotely resembles a disconnect is a wooden electric distribution box with the bundle of orange cords going into it and lots of old extension cord wiring coming out of it in the attic. It is labeled HV 3 phase feeder in stenciled spray paint, and there is one of those power line transformers that look like big cans too

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    The copper rod is the typical installation for a grounding wire. The rest are problematic and seem to a hook up connection for a boat in the canal and possibly businesses along the canal. If you go messing in this issue, in spite of being right and safe, you may find yourself earning the ire of the businesses. On the other side, the wiring may be stealing power from the businesses. As suggested by BY, if you own the place, you may have no other choice than to track all of this down. And finding a way to de-energize those outlets is particularly important, the electrician suggested by rerugged would be good.

    And the "anhydrous" typically refers to a gas that goes not contain water, possibly ammonia, but it is possible the hoses were just scavenged from such an application.

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    Hire an experienced electrician. Water and electricity are a bad mix.

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