What is the vertical distance covered?

Hi all! I only got 5 m (in red) for the following question. I was unable to get the given answer of (5√3 - 5) m. Please teach me how to solve it. Thanks

A crane which carries cargo from a hatch, swings it to the side before lowering it onto the dock. The length of the crane’s jib is 10 m. Determine the vertical distance covered by the end of the jib when the operator raises the jib from 30o to 60o. Give your answer in surd form (√).

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  • david
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    9 months ago
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    Ground to top of jib = 10 X sin 30 = 5

    Ground to top of jib AFTER raising = 10 X sin 60 = 10X (sqrt 3)/2

    = 5 X (sqrt 3)

    dist raised = 5 X (sqrt 3) - 5

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      Thanks so much, you saved my day!!

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