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Boyfriend broke up with me, saying he still loves me but just wants to be best friends. What do you think I do?

It has only been a few days since it happened, but really I am unsure what to do. When I asked why he broke up with me he tried explaining, and the first time he explained I thought I understood: I don’t go out much (since my parents are pretty strict) and so this affected him. But when I told him I can get us to go somewhere he told me if I try getting him back, we’ll have a problem. So I asked another time what was wrong but I still didn’t really get it, yet I told him ‘okay’ to being besties. Oh, and all this happened over text 😅. I don’t even know if I have a question here but I guess I’m just a bit conflicted. We have texted like normal the days since and he still calls me cute, but when we agreed to friends he mentioned no more touching (like playful taps), although I could occasionally hug him if I needed to and that we would just hang out as friends.

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    You can't be his friend while you have feelings for him. You need some distance so you can move on and come to terms with the break up. That can't happen while he is in your life and you are clinging to false hope that you can change his mind. Someday soon, he will meet a new girl and you will get hurt. Tell him you need space and stop talking to him. If he can't understand that, then he is selfish and not much of a friend to begin with.

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    Here's the thing. Exes can never be just friends after a break-up. There are always lingering feelings on one person's end or on both people's ends.

    I think what you need is to take some time apart from him. Breaking up doesn't change the fact that he's physically attracted to you, which is why he calls you cute. However, it doesn't mean that he wants a relationship. I think that if you hang out with him when you're not over him, you won't give yourself the chance to move on (which is what you need to do, since he specifically told you he doesn't want more).

    • Mel6 months agoReport

      Thank you and of course everyone else who responded to my “question.” It truly wasn’t a terrible break up but it wasn’t the best one either. I was confused but honestly I feel like I understand what I should do now. Thank you all <3

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    Doesn't really matter why he broke up with you, this sounds final so look for someone else. I was never a big fan of staying friends after a breakup, I'd put some distance between yourself and him but hang out with your other friends as best you can and if you and he are in a group together thats fine but I would still kinda avoid him as best you can. He said no taps but I wouldn't touch him at all and don't even talk to you anymore than you have to.

  • Alan H
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    You want different things

    Time to move on

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