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In ballet, when I try to extend my leg to the front, it feels heavy, like I can’t get my extension past 45 degrees.?

Do I need to work on my strength?

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    Add a couple of strength and flexibility exercises to your daily practice routine and then see how it goes in a couple of weeks. Strength and flexibility training isn't instant, so it will take 2-3 weeks to see a difference.

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    As everyone else is saying, strength training as well as flexible legs are needed but what is the difficult part is using the correct muscles. Your leg will feel a lot heavier if you are gripping or tensing the hip or the wrong muscles. It takes a lot of practice but try thinking of using your underneath hamstring muscles and even glute. Think of lifting everything up instead of imagining gravity dragging you down.

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    Mobility is about stretching tendons, not exercising muscles. You should see my triple klutz.

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    there are training exercises with theraband.

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    There can be various reasons for this and the first being extremely tight. You don't say whether you have this problem when you do Grande Battement or Developpe and you don't say whether it is only at the front (that would be more odd) or whether you've really learned 'extention' and 'rotation' before lifting.

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