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What sort of impact did World War One have on those who fought and served in it?

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    See "shell shock"

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    The conviction that no one should begin or fight another war. It was called "The War to End All War" or "The War that Ended War" because it was so devastating and demoralizing.

    What we call post-traumatic stress disorder and those living then called shell-shock. Most belligerent nations had been at peace or had fought limited wars lasting a year or two since the U.S. Civil War. WW One was a total war lasting over four years. Cities were bombed from the air, including places far from the Front. Soldiers were gassed. They did not need to bleed to die or be blinded, and that was a new terror. Then the trench-foot and other bad illnesses because they were stuck in the open, with decomposed bodies and rain for days. And the boredom of not moving from the trenches for days, and the demoralizing experience of seeing pals die and not gaining ground when you did fight.

    The very incompetence and inexperience of their officers. Jr. Officers from prep. schools and Sr. officers from old age.

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    On the whole, my grandfather found it most uncomfortable. Especially the getting gassed bit, and the getting perforated by shrapnel bits. He learned some good drinking songs, but in fact we think he would have done that anyway.

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    One impact of all wars is a new-found hatred for Generals. Too valuable to risk their own lives but have no problems sending others to their certain deaths.

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    Slow death by suffocation from mustard gas exposure. Amputation of toes, feet, lower leg from trench foot that got infected. Acquired claustrophobia from being in trenches and trench rooms for weeks at a time.

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