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i’m super ugly please help?

It’s around that age where people start getting glow ups and all that. This summer I want to get pretty to make myself confident, i get weird looks by people and people call me ugly. I want to prove them wrong, any advice?

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    You are in need of confidence building and self-acceptance. I think we all go through that at some time in our lives until we find peace within ourselves. In our culture so much is based upon physical beauty that it can drive our thoughts throughout the day, especially when we are around others who we might perceive to be better looking than we are.

    With that said, I’m sure you are not really ugly. People might be saying that to you because you may appear to be awkward because of a lack of self-confidence. I’ve seen women and girls who have learned that the glow from their inner beauty makes others think they are beautiful, even when they are not really the most physically beautiful people. Perhaps you need to develop social skills that will enable you to shine when around people. Then more interactions have with people, the easier it becomes to feel comfortable and learn to accept yourself. Not all people will judge you strictly upon your physical beauty, and those who do are very shallow people.

    Some other thoughts:

    1. Write a list of your positive attributes. What are your best features? Not just your physical ones, but also the ones that can make your inner self shine to others. Your list title can be something like “My Best Features.” On your list you can write something like: “I have thick hair. My curls are beautiful. I have an attractive mouth. My teeth are white and even.”

    2. Realize that NO girl or woman is 100% satisfied with her looks. As for for me, I have blond hair, but I’d really like dark hair. I wish my eyes were blue instead of gray. I wish I could be a bit taller. However, I focus on the other things that make me happy about myself.

    3. Take the time to question in your mind what people are telling you about yourself. Are you really ugly? Should you believe them just because they say that about you? Of course not.

    4. Try hard not to compare yourself to others. The ones who call you ugly may have some hangups of their own about their looks. Some people just belittle others to feel better about themselves,

    5. Every day remind yourself of what makes you special and unique. Write in a journal about your successes in feeling better about yourself.

    6. Wear clothes that make you feel pretty. I love to buy pretty clothes and they are a great esteem booster. Make sure your clothes fit well and are not too big or too small. Wear clothes that are flattering to your figure and coloring. I like to wear red because I feel prettier in it than white, for example.

    7. Choose appropriate makeup to accentuate your best features. Makeup counters in department stores can help you with that.

    8. Find a haircut that is flattering to your features. I have a long neck, so I can’t wear chin-length hair. Ask a hair stylist what would look best on you.

    7. Finally, stay away from negative people. Choose people who uplift you, not bring you down.

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    Take a look at Taylor Swift, Uma Thurman and Tyra Banks middle school pics/early high school pics. They can be found with a quick search online. They are all beautiful now as they were then. It's not really what you look like, it's who you are that matters. If you're a guy, look up Ryan Seacrest and George Clooney. Who you are now is still a work in progress. But you have to try to like who you are and stop worrying so much how you look. For now, get your hair done, exercise, eat right, wear an affordable, stylish look that you can afford to keep up with or maybe go vintage. Shower regularly and use deodorant.

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