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Who decided to name everything and make up words and meanings?

Who created colors and who named them? Who created numbers? What was the purpose? I just can’t see anyone holding up a single finger and going “i think I’ll call you one”. Who created languages??? Why can we understand each other in certain languages why does every one not just speak one language considering we’re all on the same planet. Who just decided to start speaking random stuff and say “ooo I’ll call this Chinese”

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    As far as I know, things were created first, then named. Like colours for example - no one "created" colours, they just simply put a name to them to help describe them for future use. If humans could materialize items at their fingertips, or have a book with pictures of every single thing to ever exist, then names would be pointless. Names are merely a way to help communicate and remember these objects, concepts, etc.

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    No one person, and no one set of people at any one time in history and living in any one part of the world.

    And you have not addressed the idea of many languages, each mostly with different words for the same thing - except for American English which uses many Spanish words not used in British English. Examples: sierra; canyon; hombre; mesa; rodeo; lariat; adobe; pueblo; jerk (as in 'jerk beef'); llano.

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    Joe was responsible for the names of the colors (he works for Pantone now and comes up with all the new color names as well).

    Edgar got to create the numbers, and Murray and Will worked on languages together.

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    Smart, influential people in every tribe [probably priests] chose the words. The meanings already existed. Names were given as a mnemonic shorthand device.

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    I really don't know but they sure dropped the ball on initiative and originality when they named that piece of fruit an "orange."

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      And little did they imagine that one day an American president would use the word 'oranges' as a substitute for 'origins,' three times in a single press conference.

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