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are there arabs for Israel?

tehre are jews for Palestine but arabs for Israel?

Only in Egypt?

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    Though they re not as loud and out there, since many of them live in societies that are not as tolerant towards such opinions. Arab society absolutely enforces a strict anti-Israel policy, so those who hold even more moderate stances may find themselves in deep sh** if they make their beliefs known. Many who hold pro-Israel stances often cite the very vile anti-Israel propaganda they ve been exposed to, and how they believed the worst of Israel before finding out that the nation is far less murderous than they ve been lead to believe. They re given a very black-and-white view that does not hold up to scrutiny, and that usually leads to them at least taking a more neutral stance when it come to Israel.

    Egypt s government isn t so reflective of Egyptian society on this issue, unfortunately. Most of Egyptian society still holds anti-Israel (and to be blunt, general anti-Semitic) beliefs and if left up to them, would end their relationship with Israel. Jordan is in a similar boat, as it s the government that s more open. Israel only has official relations with those two, though others are known to work with Israel because they correspond to other interests that override pan-Arab solidarity. For example, the UAE sometimes allows Israelis in to participate in business expos, and Saudis are known to have an understanding with Israel on defense measures to counter the shared enemy of Iran. Hopefully these avenues will dampen anti-Israel sentiment as time marches on, but so far a lot of the Arab world just gets a biased, unrepresentative view of Israel.

    Now, there are plenty of Arabs for Israel. Obviously Arab-Israelis have some amongst their ranks; though, while only a few are outspoken about their pro-Israel stance most would be hard-pressed to move to an Arab state or forfeit their Israeli citizenship if given the opportunity. The Israeli Druze, who you may classify as Arab, are incredibly pro-Israel. This doesn t include the Golan Druze who once lived in Syria (before the Golan became Israeli), but more are accepting Israeli citizenship particularly younger ones who never held any loyalty to a Syrian state to begin with. And, *if* you want to count them, obviously Mizrahi Jews whose families onced lived in Arab lands may count, but only a handful actually identify as Arab. Famous Arabs out of Israel can sometimes count, like Judge Jeanine Pirro (of Lebanese extraction) or one of Iraq s recent entries into Miss Universe. And Lebanese-Colombian Shakira has been to Israel before, as I remember her with Shimon Peres doing some sort of charity thing.

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    Yes they do exist

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    Are there Arabs anywhere but the Sudan?

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    Yes, 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs.

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    I don't think they are that dumb

    I know they are stupid but not so much

    So I don't think they will support Israel

  • 1 year ago

    My friend, pard me asking, but how old are you?

    You still don't know that the most reliable vote, is not by hand, but by feet...

    In 70 years of existence NOT A Single Arabs left Israel.

    Even more, many Arabs try sneak into Israel eligally.

    Could you find the better indication that Arabs are for Israel.

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    Kurds are pro Israel

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    No one supports a violent zionist ethnostate which murders children and pregnant women and forces them to live as third world citizens whilst also brutally occupying their land.

  • 1 year ago

    No only isreals

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