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My cat passed away 4 days ago, can't sleep, anyone have advice?

My cat was only 5 years old and she was like a child to me. I was at work one day 5 years ago when I found this tiny calico kitten abandoned in a bush. She would of been no more than 5-6 weeks old. She always came running when I called her, she slept with me every night. She was my best friend. She even curled up beside me and slept with me when I was sick. She had 2 litters of kittens before I got her spayed. I noticed soon after she got spayed she developed a UTI which I treated and she got over it however about 2 weeks ago she got diarrhea for a couple days it went away, then she began vomitting after she ate but continued to eat and drink for a few days. She then just kept vomitting and stopped eating and drinking and I began to worry badly. I was able to feed her water through a dropper but by night she quit drinking and I knew this was bad. I made a plan to take her to the vet the next day as there is no emergency vet here but sadly it was too late. I put her on my bed beside me hoping it would help her feel I was there. She stayed for a couple minutes then jumped off my bed, went to lay in the bathroom in my room cupboard. I checked on her and she was breathing but sleeping so I went to sleep. Next thing I know I open my eyes to look in the bathroom to see my fiance calling me holding my cat gasping for air then went limp. I grabbed her and began to cry in shock. I can't sleep in my bed so been sleeping on the couch. How can I get past this and sleep in my bed??

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    I'm sorry for your loss. You just need to keep going on. You can't dwell on it. Clean the house and put all of Kitty's things away. It will make you feel better. Try to stay active and go out with friends and find interesting things to do. When you're ready to have a new companion, start looking for the right kitty. You don't have to take the first cat your find. Find the right companion with the right personality before you adopt.

    My cat died 4 years ago this month..

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    If you think the cat was your child, you're obviously mentally ill.

    • AILD6 months agoReport

      I never said she was my child, I said she was like a child to me because I cared for her since she was 4 weeks old *******. You clearly have zero connection with animals. Yes I treat my pets as though they are one of the family. That's what a good pet owners does. You obviously never had a pet...

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    Go out and adopt an orphan.

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    Give yourself time. I lost a kitten over 10 years ago and still feel the loss from time to time. When you're ready, adopt a kitten. Look up the Rainbow Bridge. It's a poem.

    • Minda4 months agoReport

      That poem has never given me comfort.

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    I am sorry for your loss. I'm not a cat person, but I can empathize because I know how I'd feel if my dog were to pass away. There would be a big empty spot in my heart.

    I've been through the lives and deaths of five dogs up to now. I'm on dog six, which is 14 yo; so she's no spring chicken anymore.

    Anyway, each loss was saddening. And I had to go into mourning for a few months, even a year or two on occasions. But the fix for the sadness eventually comes with getting a new dog. Which is why I'm on dog number six.

    Each dog was different than the others, but that was a good thing. Each one was unique and precious; and I loved each one. And, I think, each one loved me in least they loved the snacks and dinners they got from me...of that I'm pretty certain.

    So here's my advice, from a dog lover: give it a few months to properly mourn the loss of your calico. But then find a new cat that needs a forever home and take it into your home and your heart. That's how you make the sadness go away.

    Don't look for it to be like your calico; it won't be. But look for the uniqueness of your new cat and care for it and it'll love you in return.

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    It's very difficult to come to terms with any death, it does leave an empty space in your life for some time after.

    I lost my cat years ago but still sometimes think she passes me when going from room to room.

    Just remember those good times when she was young and treasure those memories.

    Don't feel you are betraying her by getting another

    cat, you will never replace her but it will help to fill that emptiness we all feel at a loss.

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    I would suggest you give it time. If the inability to sleep in your own bed doesnt go away in the next few weeks, maybe try a psychologist?

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Lossing a pet is losing a member of your family. I had a cat who was killed by a pitbul. She was younger than a year (6-7months). She was the sweetest and friendliest and fluffiest kitty I've ever met. Unfortunately She would sneak out of the the house everyday to befriend the neighborhood cats. One day she didn't make it back. I wouldn't be surprised if she thought the pit was her friend.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Yes , freeze it now and cook later for ultimate memorial

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