Does North Carolina have less kids than other states?

What makes me angry, is that I have noticed that everywhere in my state I go, (yes, in North Carolina), I have noticed that here in my state, (but yes, I still “Hate” living here), there are not as many kids, like little boys, and little girls and children as there are when I go to my other state, in which I have mentioned, and in which I keep mentioning, which is in Florida. I have noticed that everywhere I go here, sadly, in North Carolina, I tend to see a lack of small children, and even pre teens, for that matter, like I do when I travel to other states, and also when I go to my second home, and the state that I “Like Better,” which is in Florida. Even on beautiful days here in North Carolina, I could see more kids outside playing. (I don’t see many!) I don’t ever hear about middle-class families living here with good kids to raise anymore. Does North Carolina have less kids and their family members than the National average state these days?

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  • 2 years ago
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    If you're going to continue to post this pointless rants about North Carolina, at least get your grammar right. It's "fewer kids".

  • 2 years ago

    No, it just depends on where in NC you live. Some counties have become a haven for older couples to live after they retire. I’m from the Outer Banks region of NC and most communities around that area have an abundance of kids.

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    2 years ago

    I'm sure that they're there. I noticed when I had a kid that kids just don't play outside and run around as much as when I was young. My neighbor had 2 kids that I never saw. They never played outside. Kids today are on video games and computers. They are highly-scheduled and have activities so they are not just running around. It's also so much more expensive to have children today. Salaries have remained stagnant. When adjusted for the cost of inflation, they are actually negative while housing and healthcare have rapidly climbed. The town you live in NC maybe a completely different type of town where you live in FL. Maybe the people you know in FL just don't have enough money to send their kids to camp or to ballet lessons. You not seeing them doesn't mean they're not there. But yes with 75% of moms having to work now, they are having less children because even if both partners work and contribute 50/50 financially, the domestic work is almost never split equally 50/50. If you want more babies being born, then we need a government that actually cares about providing affordable healthcare, housing and daycare to encourage it as well as corporations that allow flexible work and time off for both parents. But you keep voting in NC and FL for the GOP and they only care about the 1% and fetuses. They don't care about children or Florida wouldn't have one of the worst school systems in the country and horrible healthcare.

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