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How can I tell my kids they are fat and need to lose weight?

I have kids who are 14, 12, and 11. The 14 year old is a girl, the 12 and 11 year olds are boys. They eat so much junk food. I tell them to burn their calories outside, but they never do. They drink Coca Cola, Mt. Dew, etc. for breakfast. They do eat some fruits and veggies, but barely any. They eat fatty meat (usually fatty steak and fatty bacon), pizza 3 times a week, McDonald’s is eaten often. They also eat twinkies and other hostess cupcakes as snacks.

I tried to tell them to go outside and burn those excessive calories, but they don’t listen. My daughter said “I don’t need to lose weight, I’m confident with my body”, and my sons each said “I don’t care if I’m fat”. They don’t care about the risk of cancer or diabetes. I forgot to mention the weights. The 14 year old is 130 pounds and 5’0”. The 12 year old is 120 pounds and 4’9”, and the 11 year old is 97 pounds and 4’4”.

How can I get them to go on a diet, cut back on junk food, and exercise?

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    You should NEVER talk to your kids like that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as the parent, it's your responsibility to set good standards. Moreover, you're the one buying the groceries. If they're eating junk, it's because you bought junk. I don't mean to sound abrasive, but parents need to lead by example.

    The best thing you can do at this point is try to help them break bad habits; that means breaking your own as well. Start buying all healthy foods, and tell your children that the whole family needs to work on their health and eating habits so all of you can be healthier and happier. Make this a family endeavor.

    Please, please, please never speak to your children in such a poor manner as calling them names and degrading them. Kids are fragile in their ever-changing state, and it's already a cruel world out there. You should be a place of safety and refuge.

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    Who made them fat??

    YOU. You feed them.

    They are all young so cannot have a job to buy their own foods.


    You need to encourage them. Don’t be brat.

    Buy healthy foods and warn them of the health risks of being overweight.

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    Wow you sound really mean. You can't talk to your kids like that its not healthy and its disrespectful just because they are kids doesn't mean you can treat them poorly or talk to them in a way that if someone did it to you then you would be upset. Also you have to set the example for them. Buy healthy food, try only buying junk food once a week, drink more water and avoid buying soda. Be the example that of the change you wanna see in your kids IF they need to eat better and get more exercise. Don't contradict yourself and expect them to not follow that. Kids tend to follow what their parents do because that's what we are teaching them.

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    just dont have junk food around the house

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    As a parent, you set the diet.

    Don't buy Coka Cola, mountain Dew etc.

    Don't buy fatty meats and pizza.

    Don't buy twinkies, cupcakes etc.

    If you don't buy them and have them in the house they can't eat them.

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    Your kids must be very advanced if they are going out shopping for their own groceries. Oh, you mean YOU are providing Coke, Mountain Dew and fat meats for them to eat? Just stop buying that stuff and only stock healthier foods. I am close to 80 and I have a 33 inch waist (male) - there was no sugar in our house when I was a kid and I'm not much interested in it as an adult.

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    All of you should watch "Fed Up " together.

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    look it's the oh my god my children are fat troll and your children are not fat but you still need to see a therapist or a psychiatrist

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    You are the parent. They are under your care - YOU do the grocery shopping and you cook the meals. Their diet is your responsibility.

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    It’s your fault. You’re the one that goes to the grocery store and their foods. You’re the one who takes them to fast food restaurants. You’re the one that didn’t get them to play sports or eat healthy when they were younger.

    Dangle a hostess cupcake in front of them and they’ll chase after it, getting the exercise that they need.

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