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I am a 19 year old female who is fairly skinny & I have questions of my heart & health I was recently diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse?

which simply means that the left chambers of my heart do not close correctly. I have been in an out of a cardiologist for months and this is the only diagnosis I got that makes the most sense. I feel like there is more going on and I plan to see another cardiologist soon. I cannot walk up stairs without being out of breath. I feel incredibly winded and my watch tells me my heart rate (the range is usually this) 140-185. This is just simply from walking up the stairs in my home. I walk my dog about 2-3 miles (my whole neighborhood). I don't power walk, I just walk a slow normal pace and my heart rate tends to range from 185-202. I feel like it does as well on top of reading it. If I walk a lot, my heart will flutter a lot throughout the day and after doing a lot of physical activity I feel incredibly dizzy, light headed, like blood is rushing to my head, and that I am going to fall down any second. If I am not doing much moving during the day my heart rate can get as low as 40 bpm. My walking average is between 135-150 and my resting heart rate is usually 65-92. Getting out of bed I tend to average around 146. Bending down to tie my shoes takes away my breath as well. I have no idea if the shortness of breath is correlated with my heart or if there is more issues going on. Obviously a doctor will know best but I was curious to see if anyone on here knows anything/has experienced this. I think it is obvious that I have an irregular heartbeat on top of the mitral valve issue.

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    7 months ago

    heart failure?

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    I'll bet you never took vitamins/minerals likely just lack nutrition.......

    Bioplasma @ the max rate on label for 2 weeks will likely do you lots of good....when I had heart palpitations, I took a homeopathic preparation called mag/phos, and it stopped the palpitations in less than an minute. I still take the Bioplasma and love it......

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    if you post this question on healthtap.corn a real doctor will send you an ernail back

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    Maybe you need to see another cardiologist. You might qualify for a pacemaker. There are at least a dozen different tests for respiratory and cardiac function. If you're not on any medications, ask why not.

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  • kelvin
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    The chest pain may be very bothersome and frightening, but it does not increase the risk of heart attack, death, or other heart problems. Mitral valve prolapse is the most common cause of mitral regurgitation. That's a condition in which some blood flows backward through the mitral valve with each heartbeat.

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