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Are Muslims who live in gulf countries really materialistic and selfish? Do they look down on dark skinned people?

I am Christian and some of my family members live in America in Orange County. They are very wealthy and very showy and materialistic. My parents are not poor but not that rich too and we have a good life but our family in OC look down on us.

I saw a YouTube video of some guy from Dubai who lives a very nice lifestyle in Dubai and his YouTube videos are popular. Everyone was commenting in the comments section that Gulf country Muslims are very materialistic people who are obsessed with brands, makeup, big lips and big butts like a lot of wealthy Americans.

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  • Chris
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    7 months ago

    It probably has more to do with Orange County than their religion. But islam leads to eternal torment in the lake of fire, because it rejects the truths that Jesus is God and Savior, so the eternal things are needing attention, not just temporary things.


    The truth is that death leads to immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether the person believed in Jesus for eternal life, or not.

    The truth is that Jesus loves you and wants to bless your life freely :) Most of all, Jesus wants you with Him forever, and not in hell. The truth is that every belief except one will lead to eternal torment in the lake of fire for every person. Because nothing pays for our sins except the death and blood of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus that is already accomplished by Him . Jesus loves you! The truth is that Jesus is God, and Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins in full, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead. Nothing else pays for our sins, not works, not deeds, not religions. So the only way to heaven and to avoid hell, is by believing in Jesus for eternal life (John 6:47), without adding any of your own works (Romans 4:5). Believe in Jesus to take you to heaven, and you will be in heaven, no matter what, guaranteed. That easy, thanks to Jesus! Tell Jesus that you thank Him that you will be with Him in heaven when you die, because you believe in Jesus! It is too late to be saved, after death

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Yes, they are.

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