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I would like to write a Christian book that could help people. Any ideas?

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  • chorle
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    1 year ago

    If you want for the general market you might be better off with good characters who are Christian and avoid overuse of The Hammer of Morality.

    Otherwise see what are best sellers for Christian book stores read some of them and write something that would appeal to someone who read them.

    The only Christian books I remember anything about that were not adult Sunday school study guides were a podcast book that a teacher working at an overseas Christian school wrote about his experiences in that country and a historical fiction book set in a town with an American interment camp with a boy from the town as point of view character. I mean other the Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia.

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    So would I. I want to write about the life of Jesus and what he REALLY said, stuff America today is desperate to deny despite pretending to be Christian.

    The fact that Jesus hated Jews (See John 8:44-47) and the Bible says gays are sinners and not friends of Christians and should be treated as such (See Romans 1:26, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 ) that Jesus was pro-prostitute (See Matthew 21:31) and pro-pedophile (see Luke 18:15-17, Numbers 31:18, and 1 John 4:16)

    But of course people today will deny it. But if they believe Jesus would condemn Christians who were/are Nazis and pedophiles they are deluding only themselves. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they are either judged or Jesus comes back.

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    Pray , Pray and pray .

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    Make a list of Christian, religious or Bible-based themes that are truly of interest and important to you. After making your list, look it over and choose a theme that you feel others will benefit from the most. Visit the library for books on your topic to start your reseaarch. Make sure to take good notes. When you're ready to write, create a chapter outline.

    Next write the first draft. When finished, put it aside for about 2 weeks and then read it without making corrections.

    After the read-through, start revising, next edit your draft and then proofread it. Although expense, if you can afford it, get a professional editor and proofreader. Finally, buy 'Writer's Market' resource for writers to find an agent and/or publisher (or your could self-publish). Finally, get the word out by marketing your book.

    PS: Even though there are atheist, the question is not a mistake, as you have the right to ask any question that you choose. Do not let others restrict your choices. You can respect atheists, but you must also respect yourself and if you want to help other Christians, which is your audience, just as some write mystery books and not romance to target their audience. Do not be afraid to voice your own opnion or speak up.

    .After all, atheists have the right to speak up and they should not try to take away that right from Christians, especially since they know how bad it feels to be ostracized. Otherwise, you allow them to do to you, what they don't want done to them, to be hushed up.

    So if you want to write a religious book, wite it. Atheist are free to write about their beliefs, too. Besides, you cannot please everybody,nor can they.

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    Ask people at your church what their biggest problem is? Maybe shoot in on some support groups. I do know I myself do a lot of lecturing to others about being sencere Christians. When somebody does the talking and none of the walking, preachers what they don't practice does much more damage than good. Might be something to check into.

  • Marli
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    1 year ago

    Next time you are visiting your Christian bookstore, ask the staff which of their books sell well, and what sorts of books their customers ask if they carry. Ask your pastor and deacons that question too, as well as your Christian friends and Sunday School classmates.

    My mother read a lot of Christian books. She liked devotional books best. How to understand the Bible better. How to pray. How to accept God's will and love when you are depressed or when bad things happen. She also liked biographies and memoirs of people like Billy Graham, Mother Teresa and Corrie Ten Boom. She gave me Corrie Ten Boom's "The Hiding Place" because Miss Ten Boom's family hid Jews during the War (WW II was always "the War") and I'm a history addict. Also "The Purpose Driven Life" and "The Prayer of Jabez".

    If you are a good fiction writer, novels about Christian protagonists in the situations all protagonists and readers deal with are well received.

  • so
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    1 year ago

    Write a book for everybody, not just christians.

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    Overcome temptation

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    For any book, or any software, or basically just about any product, think of what would have helped you, but you were unable to find. Then research whether someone else has done it.

    As I'm sure you know, it does not HAVE to be a religious book to help people. It could be a book on 100 ways to prepare coconut. If there is an "About the Author" section, you could mention your beliefs there, or even put your testimony in a Foreword.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    lmao you're gonna get a lot of answers from bigoted atheists. This question was a mistake. But good luck with the book.

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