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Why do I only feel loved this way?

I seem to only feel loved by someone ina relationship if they touch me. I love being held, kissed, hold hands, arm around me, hands on my face, snuggling, touching, hugs, the physical act between man and woman. I love all this by the person I’m close to in a relationship. I just need it but recently it stopped by him and now it’s just sometimes hold hands, sometimes a hug, sometimes a small quick kiss on the lips. I miss everything else. We hangout all the time but there’s no more physical. Its driving me crazy. We always touched and made out among other things but now that’s held back and there’s this insane sexual tension between us. Relationship to just friendship for sake of the right thing. I can’t stand it. I love him but I’m sad now watching him unlove me.

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    What you are describing is perfectly normal behavior when a person is in love. The moving on part is the hardest, but you will succeed in time.

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