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List of your favorite songs by Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt?


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BQ2: Joni Mitchell or Carole King?

BQ3: BBQ Chicken or BBQ Ribs?

BQ4: Kit Kat or Hershey's?

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    Bonnie Raitt

    "Give It Up Or Let Me Go"

    "Angel From Montgomery"

    "Blender Blues"

    "Keep This Heart in Mind"

    "No Business"

    Linda Ronstadt

    "Heart Like a Wheel"

    "Different Drum"

    "Love Has No Pride"

    "Love is a Rose"

    "When Will I Be Loved"

    BA : Yay

    BA2 : Joni Mitchell, but I like Carole King too

    BA3 : BBQ Ribs

    BQ4 : Hershey's

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