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Was I put in situations I wasn't ready for?

I didn’t really want to drive because I figured it'd be difficult. I feel that real cars have more controls & meters than I can handle [all at once within a few months]. While trying it in my mom's minivan, I couldn't understand what I did wrong when she yelled at me. Plus, I often forgot what to do in situations. Stopping at every intersection resulted in her telling me that people would be honking at me. I found it extremely difficult to maneuver the van and couldn't stand the feel of it, especially on a one-way street. My right turns were always wide until I finally at long last succeeded at forcing the steering wheel to turn sharply but it's still hard for me to judge when to turn. I've ran over the corner curb while turning right; I found it too wonderful to be true that the vehicle just stayed in my lane & went in the parking space perfectly despite the fact that I guessed when to turn & was unable to see the opposite line & horizontal one. I still don't get how I didn't crash after my mom pressured me to merge onto the lane on our right with all those cars virtually being bumper-to-bumper. I've lost control of the van after doing so well. I never know what the speed limit, never know if I'm going at a speed that's close enough to the speed limit, and still haven't succeeded at going smooth. I crashed the side mirror of the passenger’s side into the electric meter when backing into the driveway, and the car's been ½ on the the grass when backing out. I can’t remember


which side to turn the wheel when reversing nor what the pics mean on the turn signal. And I just plain feel funny pushing it up or down when turning. I couldn’t understand the professional's instructions on how to do the hand-over-hand when I tried driving school so I researched it. The only way for me to be in the proper spot when going straight is by focusing on the center of the hood with the right line. I get jealous whenever I see those almost 2 decades younger than me driving. My mom

Update 2:

already told everyone that I got my permit and she really wants me to get my license.

Update 3:

And I forgot to say that my mom says that I did a great job, yet she's gotten so scared whenever I drove with her in the passenger seat and I've infuriated her.

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    Some parents are not good teachers.

    Some drivers are not good teachers.

    You are learning. One step at a time. Get some different teachers.

    The only way for me to be in the proper spot when going straight is by focusing on the centre of the hood with the right line. GOOD FOR YOU. You discovered what works for YOU. Keep at it and you discover more "tricks" that work for YOU.

    Update 3 for a while get someone else other than MOM to sit beside you.

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    Life is all about dealing with unexpected situations.

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