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Do I have the right to be somewhat pissed off that my friend did not play any of the games I gifted him on Steam?

Obviously I know its my loss that I chose to gift him some games, but since it was his birthday I felt obliged to do so, and so I gifted the games that were on his wish list. But is my reaction to this normal?

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    While it's normal to be a bit annoyed that your friend has yet to play the game you gifted them, you also have to acknowledge that everybody can get busy & may have a large backlog (or collection) to get through. You also have to acknowledge that your friend has the right to play the game at their leisure & not yours.

    I know that you don't want to feel that you wasted your money on your friend, but it's out of your control once you send them the gift (& they accept it).

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    maybe he will get around to them at some point.

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  • Steve
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    8 months ago

    this is normal i think, but we do have a responsibility to chill.

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