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Having a kid with my fiancée though he has kids from his first marriage?

Me and my fiancée have been together for going on 5 years now, he has two kids from his precious marriage and I have 0. Is it worth having kids with someone who has already done it? He was divorced pretty much the whole time, so he never really got the family scene.

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    We can't know the quality of your relationship. You've been together for 5 years. How long have you been engaged? That might signal the strength of his commitment.

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    Fiancee? For five years? Is there a real commitment there? Your boyfriend was divorced pretty much the whole time when his childen were small and needed him so he never got the family scene? Does not sound very good. I suspect that he is not going to become a family man overnight. Some men divorce for very good reasons, but remain in close contact with their children. If this were the case, you certainly would have had a lot of contact with his children and would know how well he relates to them. I would step very carefully here, because this man does not sound as if he is going to turn into a good father no matter how hard you wave your magic wand, and you need to think whether you want to bring more children into this world if you are going to have most of the job and joy of raising them yourself.....

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    Wouldn't that be something you discuss with HIM?

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    Does he support his children? if the answer is no then do not have any children with a loser, i would not even be with someone like that, especially if you want afamily.

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    Sure why not?

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