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How much velocity do you get using this rifle?


using chrono with a 8.4 grain ammo on Crosman Legacy 1000 rifle........ how much velocity do you get with 8 pumps?

2 Answers

  • 12 months ago

    Any answer here would be a guess unless you can find someone with a chrono and that exact model. So if you really want to know, you'll probably have to buy or borrow a chrono and test yourself. It is the same thing most anyone should do if they are serious about using an airgun for anything more than plinking.

    If I try to guess, maybe something around 600fps. For just shooting paper targets, 3-5 pumps is all you need. This model isn't intended for much more than education and plinking anyway. So don't wear your arm out pumping to 8 or 12.

    I have an old Crosman 760 and a Crosman 1322. The pump on all of these is virtually the same. If I remember right, the 1322 is only at around 300fps or so at 3 pumps but more than enough for paper and heavy cardboard. More than 5 pumps is mostly wasted energy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    835 FPS

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