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Did the Indian scammers installed a malware in my computer?

Like some, they called me and scared me that my windows are not working properly and I was stupid to fall for it. I gave them an access for my computer and they cleaned up things. According to them. They asked a small payment for this service which I was only $1.99. So they got my credit card info. After they hung up I noticed they downloaded an IP blocker because they said my computer had hacking files. I also noticed that I had un authorized payment when I got an email confirmation email from Amazon telling me that the order from my gift card has been processed. And I also got confirmation email from Walmart online registration. It appears they registered a Walmart online shopping website. Thankfully Amazon suspected that this was fraudulent and disabled my passwords and cancelled the order made by the scammer.

The scammer tried calling me again 3 days later asking for remote access to my computer to finish the cleaning up. At this point I figured out it wasn't legit so I hung up and cancelled my credit card to get a new one.

I decided to take my computer to be checked out at a computer repair place and have everything cleaned out. The IT told me that he found couple of bugs and malware. thing is, I tried scanning my computer with Malwarebytes before taking the computer in to be checked but nothing was detected? Did these scammers installed these malware or did I picked it up online?

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    when using malwarebytes to detect malware you sometimes have to rename the mbam.exe file to a random name as the malware knows the name and can hide from it , go to the services console and disable the remote registry and remote desktop services , that will prevent people controlling your computer

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    They might have, check the installed programmes for anything you don't recognise.

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