Do you think it's right for a teacher to tell their students to starve, because they were sensitive to the food?

I had this happened to me when I was in middle school. I'm not allergic but if I eat pasta, I feel like I'm going to puke, because it upset my stomach and I asked if I could eat more of something else like the salads (as I don't eat much), so my teacher told me I should starve, because she/he thought it was unfair for the other students.

Seriously, are teachers suppose to behave like this?

Student: I feel sick eating that, are there any alternatives? (i.e eating more salads)

Teacher: No, if you don't like the food, you should starve! (because it's unfair for the rest of the students).


I'm from North europe and my teacher DID tell me to starve. It was not a cafeteria, it was camping (and teachers were in charge) where it happened.

I was too young to bothered by it but as I got older, I still thinking back about it. One time a teacher even pushed me into a toilet because I was too "problematic" for them. My parents were annoyed but didn't do anything about it.

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    the problem with school is that we were too young to realize how much power we had. if we needed to go to the bathroom we could have just walked up and went there...nothing could really stop us except for ourselves and our own fears of how much trouble we would get into...I have been there you have been there...we have all been there where we wish we could have been a stronger person at that time

  • 1 year ago

    I doubt that the teacher actually said you should starve. Teachers are not in charge of the food. The cafeteria workers are. You could have asked them if you could have extra salad. Or your parents could have talked to the administration about accommodating your food needs.

  • 1 year ago

    i dont think its right and i wouldve turned her in if she did that to rne

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